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Working From Home Without Working


Working From Home Without Working – The Dream is Real.

Working from home without working was a kernel of an idea first formally formed by New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss.  Before he was a bestselling author.  His first book The Four Hour Workweek started him on that journey. (Note the audio book is hilarious and gets my vote.  This is a book I had to listen to at least 5 times to be cleansed of persistent office-culture brainwashing.)  His next three bestsellers saw him much further along the path of spectacular success.

Among the dozens of solid gold nuggets, Tim talked about the virtues of virtual assistants.  Hiring a VA is the secret to your success in escaping from work you’d rather not do so you can live life.

Specifically, hiring a virtual assistant is your shot making at making money the same way big shot investors do; arbitrage.

Working from home without working is only possible and profitable when you hire people to do the work you are assigned to do but at a lower labor cost.  That’s where virtual assistants come in to play. It’s enjoyable and ethical.

Working From Home Without Working

The formula is simple; Your incomethe costs of paying VAs to do your work for you = Paradise.

That’s working from home without working in a nutshell.  You hire VAs to do the work you are tasked to do.

I have had virtual assistants working for me for the better part of ten years thanks to Tim Ferriss.  Present day, I pay a VA $8 per hour for work I an paid about ten times more to do.  The work is pedantic and repetitive and personifies the definition of a low-value task.

That’s not to say a low-value task isn’t important; some of them are absolutely essential to running a business.  But do YOU have to do these tasks? Do YOU need to drill through a spreadsheet and perform data entry or can someone else do at least as good a job you do — leaving you free to take up tango dancing, play golf or take surfing lessons on an exotic beach?

I’ll lean on The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss for details and elaboration.  Suffice to say, your employer/boss/client is totally fixated on the sausage being made and not stuck on the process that makes the sausage happen.



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