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Work From Home After Quarantine

Work From Home After Quarantine – The Pandemic is Ending But the Party Isn’t Over

Our very first article talked about the office of the future suggesting that people should work from home after quarantine.  By now, a lot of people are used to it and a good number are hooked.  Looking past the obvious benefits previously cited (none of your time wasted commuting, money saved on gas, car repairs and auto insurance, etc.) let’s take a peek at your future working from hone after the pandemic passes

This summer you can work poolside.  Either your own pool or a pool anywhere you want (4 or 5 star hotel anyone?) or by the beach.  Any beach.  Malibu, maybe?

Or anywhere else.

Now let’s look ahead to this fall; No homeschooling.  Kids will be back in school.  This beautiful vacuum gives you hours of peace and quiet and blissful productivity PLUS freedom of mobility.  What if you could take your lunch hour to run some errands and beat all the long lines on nights and weekends?

Go grocery shopping at your favorite supermarket at 10 AM – 2 PM on any week day and you’ll never do it any other way again.  Ditto the gym.  The dry cleaner.  Your next haircut.  Life is beautiful when you don’t hardly wait for what you want.

How to Sell The Boss on Your Plan to Work From Home After Quarantine

Work From Home After Quarantine

Here’s the Silver Bullet – Become So Valuable It Would Be Too Painful, Even Expensive, to Fire You.

If you’ve been following our previous articles then you already know how to do this.  If you haven’t done so already you need to turn your remote working experience into your own quasi-corporation  called “You, Inc.” Your virtual assistant(s) report to you, they are delivering KILLER material on time or ahead of schedule.  You in turn review all deliverables before sending them on to your boss, team mates, etc.

If you’re delivering A+-game material then your boss, HR and the entire company will live out a horror movie experience in firing you.

I experienced this circa 1997-2000.  Back then remote working or working from home was an alien concept, the stuff of science fiction novels.  The technology back then was primitive but made remote working plausible. My employer was terrified of rocking my boat.  I was getting so much accomplished that I got whatever I wanted, usually without even asking.  You need to be THAT valuable.

In a future article I will teach you how to make your entire HR department disappear.  I’m talking DISMISSED.  I’ll also show you how, when and why you need to go to super senior management.  Like CEO senior.  This is not pie-in-the-sky. I was the John Wick of the telecommunications industry many years before there was a John Wick.

I did this when I was barely 30 and I have learned so much more since then.   My primary goal for you: A win-win professional relationship between you and your employer.  Next best thing: YOU WIN.  THEY LOSE.

Don’t doubt for a second this stuff still works.  The core principles of pure business are unchanged over the  centuries.

CNBC put out an article today that has other good idea that might work but can’t possibly be as effective as my solution.



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