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Remote Workers Rejoice

Remote Workers Rejoice – Covid-19 Forced Working From Home but as Coronavirus is Leaving Remote Work is Staying.

This recent article in the Wall Street Journal spells it out; remote workers rejoice! As the article clearly states, companies see risk in adopting a permanent policy in allowing employees to continue working from home past the point when they have to.  Don’t pop the Champagne before realizing that remote workers have an ongoing obligation to deliver superior quality work to validate the “work from home” experiment as a long-term success.

This ongoing obligation doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do your own work, that’s what your virtual assistant(s) are for. Your tasks and assignments don’t need to be done by you, just that you make sure that you, as a working from home employee, always comes through with the best possible deliverables. If you do that consistently in the longer term, then remote workers rejoice always as employees everywhere celebrate their liberation from office-based servitude.remote workers reoice

Whether you choose to do all of your own work or delegate your tasks to virtual assistants, you need to make sure every file, every email and every single thing you do is top notch.  If employers don’t feel any regret – only pleasure and validation of their decision – remote workers rejoice forever!

Tips to keep you at the top of your game while working from home:

  • Keep to your usual office schedule.  Whether it’s 8-4, 9-5 or whatever.  Keep to your established schedule. That holds trues for any virtual assistants you hired.
  • Sleep well,  Eat well, Stay hydrated.  Proper rest, nutrition and hydration keep you at the top of your game.
  • CHECK YOUR WORK! If the deliverables you’re sending are top quality all of the time, you’re putting yourself in the sweet spot as an employee who MUST continue working from home.
  • Install your main work apps on your phone.  If you want to unchain yourself from your desk, load your smartphone with all of the apps you typically use so you can hang out at Starbucks, the golf course, attend yoga or Pilates classes, etc.   ALERT: Make sure your data plan can accommodate the extra Internet usage!



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