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Healthy Working From Home

Healthy Working From Home – Here’s the Life Hack to Good Food Fast.

Healthy working from home has been hard the last three or so months due to the quarantine life covid-19 forced most of us to live.  It’s more than anecdotal to note that people everywhere are putting on pounds. If you plan on living the work from home lifestyle, you need to do some menu planning.

Here are the life hacks I discovered to eating good food fast (as opposed to eating fast food) to insure healthy working from home.

Trader Joe’s.  Fresh or frozen, there’s lots of healthy eating waiting for you.  From fresh wraps and salads to the freezers, there are dozens of healthy menu choices at meal time.  Let’s not forget there are just as many, if not more, healthy snack options.  As with everything, check the label for ingredients, sodium level, fat and carbs, etc.

Freshly. Freshly has become famous for delicious, healthy food ready in two minutes.  This  meal delivery service ships you a box of fresh chef-prepared meals.  They use only healthy ingredients in preparing creative, tasty dishes.  My absolute favorite are the cod cakes.  Just heat and serve your meal.  Warning: The foods often feature a sauce.  Think twice before eating these delicious entrees at your desk!

Souper Girl. This meal delivery company offers the healthiest food choices in my opinion.  Unsurprisingly, this also makes them among the blandest.  Have some salt and pepper and other seasonings on hand.  A bottle or two of hot sauce or other condiments are a good idea too.Taken with a grain of salt, Souper Girl delivers super food to your front door.

The added bonus to all three of these food sources? The total absence of cooking thus eliminating the need to wash any pots or pans or a stove or an oven or dishes.  This is a bachelor life hack too!healthy working from home

Healthy working from home also requires physical fitness.  Here are some key points:

Don’t sit too long or too often. Do your best to sit for no longer than 40 minutes at a time.  Whenever possible, do some work while standing or pacing.  Zoom meetings and phone calls are ideal opportunities.

Bring natural light to your work space. Have the windows deliver life-nourishing sunlight to your home office area.  This is good advice for your entire home too.

Breathe the fresh air of freedom.  Open your windows too whenever feasible to bring in fresh air.  In the dead of winter or the peak of summer this might not always be practical all day long but give it a go to the degree that you are comfortable.


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