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Best Technology for Working Remotely

Best Technology for Working Remotely – Prepare to Be Amazed

Some of the best technology for working remotely are things you either never heard of or never would have thought of.  For example, when it comes to remote access software don’t look at GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer or anything else.  As software goes, all of them are very capable.  In fact, I’ve been working for with LogMeIn and TeamViewer when it comes to collaborating for years.  But when it comes to doing MY work you should do what I do and run your own Windows Server.

Best Remote Access Software? Remote Desktop Connection — To Your Own Windows Server.

Running your own server is actually cheaper than the average remote access software and gives you much more.  How much more? You basically get your own VERY powerful computer that can handle TWO simultaneous remote connections at a lower monthly fee.

The average monthly cost of TeamViewer, LogMeIn, etc. is $50.  For your $50 you get to access your own computer from anywhere you are.  Not bad.

But I can beat it. I pay $40 per month for a powerful Windows Server 2019 dedicated computer allowing me AND  my virtual assistant to login from anywhere on earth and do our work –  simultaneously.  Meanwhile, my “working from home” computers are freed up for other things.  Like watching TikTok videos.

best technology for working remotely
The blue background is my actual PC. The black one is my server.

That’s what I’m talking about when I’m talking about the best technology for working remotely.

I use IONOS and I can’t think of a better hosting company for websites or entire servers.  Their pricing is sensational and the speed of everything they deliver is blazing fast.  Using Remote Desktop Connection (it’s already installed on every Windows computer and easily installed on any Mac) I connect to my private server with connection quality equal to actually being there in the room, not thousands of miles away.

IONOS will have your server setup and ready to go in an hour or less.  Using your server is about as easy as using any Windows 10 computer; they use the same interface.

Best Virtual Phone Solution – Skype

Whether you’re an employee working from home or an independent remote worker, Skype is the way to go.  You can run their app on your smartphone allowing you to communicate anywhere in the world.  This is the best technology for working remotely because you can work remotely anywhere on earth and nobody would be the wiser.  Just make sure you get a Skype number in your own area code.  Then direct your boss, your co-workers, clients, etc. to call you on your new number. My advice is NOT to mention you are using Skype.  For anyone that asks, you set up a dedicated phone for business calls enabling faster, more efficient responses.  Nobody can fault that.  Heck, you’re a hero and a role model for such dedication to efficiency.

The added bonus? You get to enjoy true work-life balance through clear delineation of your calls.  If you set your Skype status to DND (Do Not Disturb) your Skype line won’t even ring.  You’ll be notified of all calls and chats when you change you status.

Skype has very flexible calling plans to meet every need and all of the calling features anyone could ever want.  If you have a remote assistant, Skype’s chat feature is an excellent way to communicate with your VA, share files, check on tasks, etc.

If you want to up your game as a remote worker you now know everything you need to know to be a pro at geoarbitrage.


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