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Work From Home Job Scams

Work From Home Job Scams – Some “Dream Jobs” Are Actual Nightmares.

With so many people displaced after the coronavirus quarantine, work from home job scams starting popping up like mushrooms.  Taking a hard look at the numbers, there are 40 million people out of work.  Scammers are using all of their usual tactics of playing on people’s feelings to trick them either INTO doing something that makes them money or tricks innocent, unsuspecting victims OUT OF their money.

This one is perhaps the crown jewel of work from home job scams.  It’s a man-in-the-middle play; you respond to a job listing and you’re hired to do so super easy work like receive X from us then send it on to person Y.  Anyone giving this arrangement a second thought would naturally ask themselves ‘What’s my role in this? Why not just send the goods, the money, etc. directly to the recipient?’ That’s where you, the man in the middle, comes into the picture.  You remove the scammers one step out of the loop making it much harder for them to be caught.  Theses types of scams involve cash AND merchandise.

A good friend of mine (let’s call him John) almost fell for this scam ten years ago.  He was out of work for months and was getting frustrated.  His unemployment benefits ran out, his house was in foreclosure and him and his wife were one step away from being flat out broke.  He was on Monster.Com all day every day.  Scammers scooped him up. John felt like he was a drowning man rescued from the sea. What was his job? Receive money orders and certified bank checks from all over the country, deposit them, then send that money somewhere else via a bank wire transfer out of his account.  His compensation? He gets to keep 10% of everything that comes in.

In other words, John deposits a $5,000 certified bank check, wires out $4,500 and keep $500 for himself.

Work From Home Job Scams

Sweet gig, right?


I told John he was set up for the granddaddy of work from home job scams and he couldn’t believe it.  He said it’s impossible.  What could the scam be? The funds clear his bank, the cash is there.  He sends out the wire transfers and he gets to keep the rest.  John was absolutely shocked when I told him as work from home job scams go, this one is brilliant in its pure, hidden evil.  That’s because the money orders and certified bank checks were illegally obtained.  The actual bank account holders eventually discover all of this money being sent out of their account without their authorization.  The issuing bank CHARGES BACK John’s bank account for all of those unauthorized checks and money orders he cashed.  John’s bank account then craters to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.  Money he would be forced to pay back.  MEANWHILE, the scammers on the receiving end of all those bank wires John sent disappear with all that money.  John ends up deep in debt and holding the bags.

Here’s another article outlining a number of other job scams you need to be on the look out for.

And thanks to the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker you can track all kinds of scams in play everywhere.

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