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Best Remote Work Tools

Best Remote Work Tools – Work From Home Better & Faster

When it comes to best remote work tools, the old adage “the right tools for the right job” rings true.  How WELL you can do your work and how FAST you can do it will make you a work from home (or work from anywhere) superstar.

In fact, you could conceivably cut your workday short and complete all of your tasks ahead of schedule giving you more free time for yourself.  Even allowing for scheduled meetings (we teach you how to free yourself from work entirely and attend a meeting anywhere here) you can cut loose, “leave” work early and enjoy more of every day doing what you want to do, not what you have to do even if you decide to do all of your work yourself.

How is this possible? Using the best remote work tools.

Let’s dive right in and build your ultimate shopping list, shall we?

Fast PC – In the immortal words of Captain Kirk and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor – MORE POWER. Not only does it suck just sitting there waiting as your overworked computer “hourglasses”, hangs and/or crashes due to lack of power, you can’t work faster if your computer is slower.  The faster your PC, the faster your work gets done.  What kind of PC do you look for? Core i5 minimum although an i7 would be better.  Don’t overspend on an i9 unless you’re an engineer designing new aircraft or bridges, etc.  RAM should be a MINIMUM of 8 GB but 16 GB is better.  More than that probably won’t help so save your money.  Finally, go with an SSD (Solid State Drive) over a conventional hard drive.  The speed of an SSD alone will astonish you.  Seeing a PC boot and ready to go in 10 seconds flat will bring a tear to your eye. An SSD should be considered the #1 entry all on its own on any list of best remote work tools.  For best-in-class performance backed by excellent tech support check out anything by Microsoft or Apple.

Keyboard – You want comfort and accuracy.  You want your fingers to dance over and around the keys.  Other than clicking, typing is perhaps the most decisive factor in optimal performance.  There’s no right answer here.  Go to a store and dabble with different keyboards until you find the one your fingers fancy.Best Remote Work Tools

Dual monitor? Avoid! Multi-tasking is enemy #1 of productivity.  That’s because dividing the attention of your brain among multiple tasks requires constant re-calibration of attention from what you were looking at to what you are looking at next. Stick to one screen — and a single window on that screen at every possible time.

Internet connection – The need for speed cannot be understated.  Your Internet connection should be 50 Mbps-100 Mbps.  Less might slow you down but more would be a waste of money on bandwidth you and several family members could never possibly utilize all at once.

Tax considerations –  What’s deductible? Consult a Certified Public Accountant and tell this financial professional all of the details of your work-at-home situation and let your CPA determine what is – and is not- tax deductible.

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