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WFH Social Life Tips

WFH Social Life Tips – Because Cats and Dogs and Zoom Can’t Fill the Void.

Not surprisingly, some remote workers miss something about being in the office; people. WFH social life tips are critical for good mental health in the long term.  There are a myriad of studies out there from years ago straight through to present day that makes it clear that prolonged isolation can turn even the mightiest mentalist into a mental case.

Zoom meetings do have a way of opening the channels to socializing if only through actually talking to real people (even the boss who adopted the bastard style of management!) regardless of where they actually are.  Then there are the pets in our lives.  They are so nice to have in so many ways but, let’s face it, nothing beats the the real thing of face-to-face (mask-to-mask?) in-person real human interaction.  That’s what makes these WFH social life tips so important; we humans still need a social life of some kind!

WFH Social Life Tips

WFH Social Life Tips Core Principle: Get Outside Three Times Per Day.

Depending on where you live and coronavirus guidelines in place at this historical time strive to do your best.

Go to the gym.  Exercise is so good for you in so many ways physical and beyond.  Get out to the gym and do your workout, meet people and shoot the breeze.  If the gym is not an option for you now, visit your local park and just take a walk.  You’ll inevitably meet people and your body will soak up natural sunlight which is so important when it comes to the human necessity of Vitamin D.

Go Out for a Meal.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner make it a point to go outside for food.  Indoor dining, outdoor dining or even picking up the takeout, getting out of the house to interact with actual people is essential. If nothing else, meet a friend for a tasty beverage at Starbucks or anywhere you like.

Go Off The Deep End.  Take a swim in a lake or a pool.  The exercise is excellent, the exposure to the sun will do you good as will the opportunities to socialize, if only you say hello or wave to the swimmer 6 feet away from you.

Go Shopping.  Treat yourself to something. This sound advice applies pre-covid on forward.  If you’re not sure what you want, just browse.  Look for a new car, a 4K TV, a wristwatch.  It doesn’t matter.  Go shopping in one sense or another and let your imagination run wild.  Got a big score in mind? Set a goal for that new home or Rolex or BMW or whatever and grow yourself – and your income – to achieve it.



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