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Remote Work A Game

Remote Work A Game – It’s decision time for many work from home bosses.

It’s time to bring your remote work A game. While many companies are seeing huge jumps in remote worker productivity, many aren’t.  According to The Wall Street Journal this is leading to decision time among many employers.

If you’re doing it right you are loving life working from home and you want to keep the party going.  That’s much more likely if everyone kicks their performance up a notch or two and bring their remote work A game to every task, project and meeting.  When it’s “game on” be a super star.  Be the Lebron James or Venus Williams of the WFH game. Be first at the Zoom meeting and the last to leave;  Deliverables? Deliver superior work ahead of schedule.  Be a facilitator dropping bombs of A+ work in spite of whatever remote work difficulties (real or imagined) may exist.  Most of these difficulties are imagined. I say this with absolute certainty as a veteran with 25 years of remote working under my belt.

The alternative to upping your remote work A game is to return to the office and be shackled to your desk.

remote work a game

Wouldn’t you rather work this way? Or any way you want to? You can.  Just bring that remote work A game to everything you do.  Don’t give your boss or the company itself a reason to discontinue remote work policies even when they have the opportunity to.  If you want to be a productivity superhuman  you should hire a virtual assistant team to do all of your work for you OR augment your own efforts.  Let’s face it, if you’re leading a platoon of virtual workers you can crank out quantity and quality of work that will convince your boss you’re a superhuman productivity machine who must be left alone doing what they do best working from home.