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Remote Working Data Plans

Remote Working Data Plans – Proof of Too Much of a Good Thing

Despite national news coverage of internet usage skyrocketing to the point of breaching data caps remote working data plans should really be no big deal.  Let’s use me as a case study as I’ve been working from home for over 20 years.  To make things interesting we’ll include my teenage daughter in this conversation.

Remote Working Data Plans

I use Cox, by far the largest Internet provider in Nevada and the dominant player in The Las Vegas Valley where we live.  They were generous enough to give customers a 25% boost in their data plan.  Here’s the curve ball; I didn’t need it.  I strongly suspect most people will do just fine painting within the lines of their current data plans.

WFH Data Plans

From the chart above does anyone think that remote working data plans worry me? On a busy month we’re using less than half our monthly allotment in data. To put this in perspective here’s what a week from work from home looks like in my house:

Dad, Business Hours: Constant emails, tons of web surfing, constant social media engagement, regular YouTube streaming.  Video calls a couple of times a week.  Almost 24×7 remote desktop login to my dedicated Windows 2019 server.  (You really should think about getting your own server.  Life changing!) It’s fair to say that one way or another, a computer or two in my house is active on the Internet 24×7.  So much for the concerns over remote working data plans.

Dad, Off Duty: Way more YouTube streaming. Netflix too. Some Apple TV+. Hours per day-into-night Internet radio programs from the BBC, old time radio programs and podcasts.  Then there’s gaming.

Daughter: Almost non-stop multiplayer gaming on her Nintendo Switch and constant streaming on Netflix and YouTube with some Amazon Prime, Peacock and HBO Max streaming via iPad and iPhone except when sleeping.

So what kind of damage was inflicted on my data plan? Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Remote Worker Data Plans

Me and my daughter, trying our very best for about three weeks, didn’t even put a dent in our data plan.  As remote working data plans go, we have more than we need.  I strongly suspect that’s true for the majority of people.  Definitely don’t go with an unlimited data plan unless you’re on Zoom or Teams calls all day long. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money.

On the other hand, if you ARE blowing past your data caps you should join one of our weekly calls on Microsoft Teams so we can talk about the problem and give you tips and tricks to get your data usage under control.