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WFH Fashion

WFH Fashion – No pants. No bras. What’s next?

The quarantine life of covid-19 led to an overnight roll out of remote working arrangements.  WFH fashion rocketed to the top of the list of working from home considerations.  Some are of the mind you should dress as if you were in the office to maintain a work-based mindset.  Others advocate the relaxed approach of “Why bother?” The single biggest deciding factor ended up being whether or not there is a Zoom meeting on the calendar.

When the boss shows up to a Zoom meeting wearing a polo shirt and from the waist up you’re wearing a shirt and tie, are there WFH fashion police to settle the matter? According to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, g-string bikinis are becoming all the rage as female remote workers put away their sweat pants. Other recent news coverage reports a plunge in women wearing bras and men putting their business suits into storage with mothballs.

Unless your boss or your company has mandated a Zoom dress code go ahead and ask your boss to specify one.  If he or she doesn’t supply one, I advocate you adopt your own WFH fashion code. Wear comfortable business-casual clothes under the premise of “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.” Your boss and co-workers, at worst, will engage in some mock shock or artificial indignation.

WFH fashion

After all, everyone is struggling with the same WFH fashion consideration and nobody is fooled by the GQ look in camera view while left to wonder what’s being worn (if anything) elsewhere. Nobody is fooling anybody with this unnecessary waste of time and energy.  If you head back to the office then you certainly should observe all established norms.  Until then, indulge yourself in exploring the extended boundaries of your freedom working from home.