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About AOP

The Association of Online Professionals (AOP) is the international professional association for individuals who work from home including remote workers, gig workers and anyone who earns an income online.  We support and represent the interests of employees, independent contractors or entrepreneurs running an online business, as well as the companies and professionals who support these professionals.

Our mission is to foster the growth of the work-from-home movement through service to members, legislative support and representation,and the creation of opportunities for professional growth and development.

Originally founded in 1994 by four visionary companies in the online industry, AOP was reconstituted by founding gold-status member Howard Sherman  in 2020 to meet the needs of a newly emerging online professional.

Howard Sherman has been working from home and on the road since 1995 establishing his place as among the first remote workers. That year, Windows 95 was launched and the Internet became a thing.  Both transformed the way people work and Howard was there right at the beginning. His other ventures are  Crowdfund Buzz and Excaliber, both rooted in online communication. Check him out on LinkedIn.

AOP is the only international professional association of its kind for the remote worker providing news, information, opportunities and services to the people who work from home online either as an employee or entrepreneur either full time or part time.  AOP is 100% committed to supporting every aspect of the working from home movement.